"Local" and thereforestrong!




Have you booked an airplane ticket? OTS will do all other arrangements then!

Since this is Okinawa Tourist Service (OTS),
Overall travel support can be provided.

Of course we offer support with accommodation, rental car and activities, and we also provide sharing economy services and original sightseeing goods. We are waiting for your visit with complete support you can use from arrival to the moment of reaching convenient members lounge!
We will help you from the start, in the middle and until the end of your travel.

As long as the company originates from the local area, we provide detailed assist. OTS will continue providing friendly services for our customers.

  • I want to search for the
    activitythat I can enjoy in free time
  • I want to plan a travel combining
    plane tickets and hotel
    the way I want
  • I want to try
    unusual experience
  • I want to serarch for accommodation place that fits my purposes
  • I want to have a bus tour
  • Since it is long-awaited trip I want to travel by beautiful car
  • I want to rent a car with
    proper compensation just in case
  • I want to get various travel information
  • I want my luggage to be kept

Various kinds of travel support from OTS!

A reason why OTS has been
chosen by many customers

  • Great detailed support from the staff
  • Reliable rental car with complete compensation
  • Community-based and thereforeable to provide various kinds of support

Attractive features of Okinawa Tourist Service(OTS)

Overlall travel support
before, during and after the travel

We conduct overall support from pre-travel consultation, until providing information and services during and after the trip. Moreover, we offer quite rare rental cars with complete compensation so you should not worry even in the worst case.

Local staff from Okinawa
helps you during travel

Since we have been based in Okinawa,
experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you during your travel on Okinawa.

There are a lot of advantageous coupons!
This is because we are Okinawa Tourist Service

Since this is OTS there are a lot of advantageous coupons and campaigns like early reservation discount tickets or campains for simultaneous reservation of hotel and rental car.


"Local company" and therefore strong! Various services of OTS

Reservation with surprisingly advantageous coupon! Book great hotels through "OTS Hotel"

"OTS Hotel" is a web-site for reservation of hotel under management of Okinawa Tourist Service.
There are also advantageous coupons and campaigns like early reservation discount tickets or campains for simultaneous reservation of rental car.
We combine rental cars together with activities and conduct overall travel support.

Carefree, safe and pleasant trip with "OTS Rent-a-car" with full compensation

OTS Rent-a-car believes that carefree, safe and pleasant rental car will make you smile the most.
All automobiles of OTS Rental Car are all new ones (less than 3 year) and our car models are equipped with the newest accident prevention apparatus on board.
And we provide more complete than anywhere else insurance so even in the worst case you should not worry.

Speaking of reservation of activities on Okinawa it is "One Two Smile ACTIVITIES"

"One Two Smile ACTIVITIES" is a web site for reservation of activities on Okinawa. We have numerous optional plans that make your travel to Okinawa filled with content like experiencing Okinawan culture and handmade activities as well as diving, kayak and another marine leisure, guided tours, glass-bottom boat cruises, and trying Okinawan soba noodles, steaks and another dishes.
Watch, play, try, eat and have a lot of fun on Okinawa.

Let's enjoy a great Holiday in Okinawa! "Okinawa Holiday Hackers"

Okinawa Holiday Hackers is a web media that establishes a connection between the "Charm of Okinawa's Entity・Experience・Humanity" and "Travelers"
For a more free and comfortable Trip.
With this philosophy, Okinawa Holiday Hackers wants to introduce you recommended spots in Okinawa, fascinating characters, and suggest you how to enjoy traveling in Okinawa more closely.

  • Members lounge

    In sightseeing information station on Kokusai Street, the multilingual staff has a detailed knowledge and provides support for customers traveling Okinawa.

  • Original goods and services for tourists

    Starting from one day bus tours we carry abundance of original local goods so people who know and love Okinawa also provide satisfying sightseeing.

  • Official vacation rental homes

    OTS cooperates with official lodging web site "STAY JAPAN" and offers new style of travels to Okinawa. Would you like to relax in lodging sites on Okinawa with high degree of individuality like in your own house?

  • The sharing economy

    Sharing economy service "ecbo cloak" provides luggage keeping in available space in cafes or stores. From now on OTS will focus attention on researching and providing sharing services.

  • A lot of Kerama

    In Kerama island Travel Information managed by OTS, they proivide the best thing about Kerama island such as events and activities.